MOC 7 is cost effective and environmentally safe.
About MOC-7

MOC-7 is a liquid manure pit treatment which improves the environment in hog confinements. MOC-7 is applied twice per year by our dealers.


The benefits of using MOC-7 are accomplished by the reduction of anaerobic fermentation in the effluent.


MOC-7 is guaranteed to reduce odors from gasses, crusting, and the amount of solids in the pit.



MOC-7 mitigates dangerous gases and odors from hog waste. This results in:

  • *An immediate noticeable reduction in odor
  • *Calmer quieter pigs
  • *Breakdown of solids in the pit
  • *Reduction of crusts
  • *Minimized fly populations
  • *Easier pumping and clean-out of pit
  • *An improved environment that is more comfortable for the animals as well as the workers
  • *Improved neighbor relations


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